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Chokoloskee Red

I am happy to announce the start of my blog. For years I have kicked around the idea of starting one, but for some reason or another I would always find a way to not do it. Posting on Instagram is great, but I don’t always have new pictures to post. By all means , I should have tens of thousands of pictures, but sometimes (almost always) I am too busy or too lazy to take pictures while on the skiff. To make matters worse, some of my clients and friends do not want pictures taken of their catches.


So, my thinking is a blog will allow me to share things without the need for media to be involved. I often have things I want to share with everyone (whether you want to hear it or not) and not because I do not have any picture to go with it. Eventually I would like to have a series on fishing in Everglades National Park. I have many years of experience fishing and guiding there and love to share my knowledge with anyone that is interested.


In addition to posting my stories and tips, I would also like to field questions from you. I think this could be a great forum to get and share information. So, keep checking back here and also check my Instagram and Facebook page to find out when there is a new post.

Thank you to everyone that presently follows my account and to any newcomers that jump on board along the way.

Take care,


Capt. Vince Bini